This music suite traces the story of Princess Caliatra,
who is raised by her uncle, Duke Ramaon, under the evil
influence of a sorcerer to the dramatic conclusion of her rescue
and deliverance. Each song describes some aspect of the tale.
We offer this CD of the music only as it was originally conceived.

Over a period of time it grew into a drama with a cast of
characters, and the results of that can be heard on
You can listen to the audio book version by John Grant, from England,
by clicking on the link below. A PDF Book is also available on that page.



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1. As Long as the Sun Endures The piano prologue.
2. I Long For Him (Caliatra's Theme) Princess Caliatra's Theme.
3. Natase He is the evil sorcerer, and the music suggests who he is.
4. Settings of Silver A music box that the princess receives from the wicked Prince Sintar.
5. Baraca - Farewell to Illusion (medley) In a dream, the princess is caught up out of time in the Land of Blessing with her King Jeshur.
6. Like Rain Caliatra fails to respond to Jeshur.
7. Hour of Darkness - Flee (medley) The flight of the Princess as she is persued by evil.
8. Sintar The handsome, wicked prince comes for Caliatra.
9. Carriage Ride She is taken against her will to Natase's castle.
10. Prison--Rafaena--Out of the Pit She laments as she is thrown into a prison pit. The sorcery of the witch attempts to overwhelm and captivate Caliatra. Caliatra is lured by the spell.
11. Jeshur Returns - Celebrate the King (medley) (Jeshur Returns) - In the midst of a storm, the King returns to rescue His people and His land of Baraca.
(Celebrate the King) - All the people celebrate the King!
12. Until the Moon Is No More - Caliatra's Theme - Epilogue (medley) (Until the Moon Is No More) - Jeshur and Caliatra set sail on His ship in the moonlight.
(Caliatra's theme) - The theme triumphant
(Epilogue) - A piano reprise closes the suite.

Total playing time: 57:31
All music played, composed and produced by Charles Ellsworth Smith


Guitar on DECEPTION......................................Abe Smith
Bells on RAFAENA, Tamborine on CELEBRATE.............Esther Smith
VOCAL ON RAFAENA, Scraper on RETURN..................Mary Smith
Soprano Sax and Recorder...............................Charles E. Smith
Engineering and technical assistance....................Michael Valentine
Recorded and Produced by Charles Ellsworth Smith

We sincerely hope you enjoy this music.
Some feel that this should become a ballet or ice drama.
We would be interested in hearing feedback from you.

Charles and Mary Smith

All music is Copyright (c) 1997 Charles Ellsworth Smith, all rights reserved.

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