White Linen
White Linen cover art

This collection contains
original music written during the close of
the Jesus People movement and performed by the
Prince of Peace Band.
The theme, White Linen, and the material contained
within was written to encourage God's people to look up and
be prepared for the return of the Lord, as well as the
onslaught of darkness that would precede
His arrival.

This CD was originally recorded May 1981,
but was remastered with new material in July of 1997.
The material is as appropriate today as it was when first
recorded, and those who may have a copy of
the original 1981 release will notice
enhanced sound quality as
well as new material.


1. Look He is Coming Charles E. Smith
2. Beloved of God Mary A. Smith
3. Because They Had No Changes Charles E. Smith
4. All That You Are Charles E. Smith
5. White Linen Charles E. Smith
6. Those That be Planted Charles E. Smith
7. God Has Shined Charles E. Smith
8. Jesus of Nazareth Charles and Mary Smith
9. By Thy Blood Charles E. Smith
10. A Stone For His Pillow Charles E. Smith

Randy Burgess: guitar
Deb Burgess: vocals
Bob Churchill: harmonica
Ron Hazelganz drums
Dan Rice: percussion
Charles Smith: piano, keyboards, organ, woodwinds,
guitar, vocals
Mary Smith: guitar, vocals, piano on
Beloved of God
Dale Trullinger: bass, 12-string guitar, vocals
Sue Westerfield: vocals
Don Wallace: organ
Butch Wood: bass

All music is Copyright (c) 1981 Charles E. & Mary A. Smith, all rights reserved.
Cd was remastered in 1998.

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