A Voyage to Venice

Featuring The Glass Harmonium, invented by Benjamin Franklin.

You go down to the Adriatic Sea. You hear a bell buoy in the mist. You board a sailing vessel and journey peacefully to Venice. From a distance you see the Lighthouse at Murano. You disembark at Murano and visit the Museo Vetano and behold the centuries old Venitian glass. You marvel at the colors. They remind you of Tintoretto's paintings. You ride a Traghetto to the Cafe Blu. You relax and dream of the Villa Borghese in Rome on a summer night, a piano is playing. You arise and go for a walk. You pass a Marionette Theatre. A show is in progress. Soon you board a Vaperetto to the Doges Palace. It seems lost in reflections. You think of Artisans who once worked in Venice. Your mind travels to Giogione's painting. The Adoration of the Shepherds. As you behold the Messiah, you are overwhelmed by creative inspiration. You want to preserve this moment. As the bell buoy sounds in the distance you awake from your dream.....


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All music is composed. written and performed by Charles Ellsworth Smith. Copyright (c) 2007 all rights reserved.


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