Purify My Heart

The songs presented on this album are a collection of original worship songs we enjoyed. A group of us made this tape
with the idea of offering it to our friends as a sing along to be enjoyed in their homes.


1. Awake! (Charles E. Smith)
2. Behold How Good and How Pleasant (Charles E. Smith)
3. For If When We Were Enemies (Charles E. Smith)
4. Thou Art Fairer (Charles E. Smith)
5. Great and Marvelous Are Thy Works (Charles E. Smith)
6. The Hands of Love (Charles E. Smith)
7. Oh Rest in the Lord (Mary A. Smith)
8. Purify My Heart Oh Lord (Charles E. Smith)
9. Tabernacle Song (Charles & Mary Smith)
10. Them That Dream (Charles E. Smith)
11. When He Shall Appear (Charles E. Smith)
12. Where Sin Abounds (Charles E. Smith)
13. The Psaltery (Charles E. Smith)

Linda Peterson: Flute
Gordan Hall: Violin
Randy Burgess: Drums,Guitar
Deb Burgess Vocals
Dale Trullinger: Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Mary Smith: Vocals
Charles Smith: Piano,Woodwinds,Psaltry,Vocals
Sue Westerfield: Vocals

(c) 1983 Charles E. & Mary A. Smith

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