A TRIP TO GIBRALTAR CD has something old, something new, something borrowed and
something blue. Merry Go Round and Diana were composed in the 60s when I was writing for a
group on the east coast but have sat on the shelf until now. Little Girl Blue is borrowed from
Richard Rodgers and is a song the deeply touches me every time I perform it.

Notes on Selections:
A trip to Gibraltar
came to me one afternoon and I grabbed my pen and wrote it. If you listen
closely it has some deep implications even though light hearted in presentation.
Saturday it Rained is a love song about a person waiting for a bus in the rain. It finally
comes. He or she gets on board and down the aisle sees the person of their dreams.
Gypsyboy and That Old Familiar Hat are gypsy jazz songs, the latter with a lyric
about that girl with a hat.
Songe de Nuit is a piece I dreamed one night so I got up and wrote it.
I Know who to Call and The Preachers Reward are spiritual songs regarding the
times we live in.
Love Comes in the Door describes the satisfaction of love that is fulfilled.
You are Always There is the description of a vivid dream I had one night.

I have been a song writer for many years in different genres. I simply write what
I hear at any given time so our albums reflect many different styles as you can discover on
this site and at our web site ww.soundwater.net.

My wife Mary helps me on all projects for which I give her thanks.

I dedicate this CD to the memory of Martin Baum who worked with me several years
early on and has recently departed.

Mary says you will find this CD to be "delightful".