Come Away my Beloved

Come Away cover art

We began recording this collection
in a small one room apartment provided to us by our
friend Gordon Anderson. We finished it at our house in our
music room. Then we traveled to Tad Suckling's house in Vancouver
to finish the mixing. Our friend Ken Sabella came all the way from
Guatemala to sing on some of the selections. So, the finished
product is a result of love from many sources.

This music was originally released as a tape.
It has been improved and enhanced in our home recording
studio, and we now offer it as a CD.
We hope you will be blessed in your listening.


1. Come Away My Beloved (Ken Sabella)
2. Oh Lord, You Are Our Father (Charles E. Smith)
3. Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional)
4. I'm Your Vessel, Lord (Paul L'Montagne/C E. Smith)
5. My God Hears (Charles E. Smith)
6. Walking By A Stream (Ken Sabella)
7. Key of David (Charles E. Smith)
8. Let the Whole Earth (Charles E. Smith)
9. If It Had Not Been the Lord (Charles E. Smith)
10. What I Never Knew (Charles E. Smith)

Ken Sabella: Piano,Flute,Vocals,Synthesizer
Dale Trullinger: guitar,bass,vocals
Sue Westerfield: vocals
Butch Wood bass
Randy Burgess: drums
Deb Burgess: vocals
Charles Smith: piano,woodwinds,synthesizer,vocals
Mary Smith: vocals
Bill Strong: recording
Tad Sucking: mixing

All music is Copyright (c) 1987 Charles Ellsworth Smith, all rights reserved, (except #1,3,4,6).
Songs #1&6 in the collection (c) 1987 Ken Sabella, all rights reserved.
Song #6 in the collection (c) 1987 Charles Ellsworth Smith & Paul L'Montagne, all rights reserved.

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