A Journey Through the Stone Cathedral

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It is late afternoon. You are driving through a fog. The air becomes fresh and salty. You can barely see but you feel the atmospheric change. You hear sea gulls in the distance. In Netarts the clouds part and you see the Pacific. On foot you approach the ocean. The waves throw their lace like foam upon the beach. Several sailboats bob in the distance. Years ago you remember your ship coming through the straits of Gibraltar; the beauty of Portugal and the sunlit coast of Spain.

Twilight nears and the lighthouse at Cape Mears begins to penetrate the darkening sky. In times past itŐs huge lens magnified a flame that saved many a ship from crashing upon the rocks. You are reminded that the light of Christ is like that guiding us to safe haven. The sun suddenly breaks through revealing last rays of daylight. The three huge rocks at Oceanside seem to stare back as they fade into the shadow sea.

The next morning from your cabin you see birds flying everywhere; clustering pecking hopping. Sand crabs are dancing on the beach. The tide comes in and swirls around. The day grows bright and sunny. Friends meet you and you lay on the beach letting the warmth go through your body. You hear a summer song, slow and restful. Voices of the deep call in the background.

You recall when you were a child, the tenderness of your mother and father watching over you. They take you by the hand. You are safe though the mighty waves are just inches away. God is watching over you. A sense of longing grows in your heart.

The tide is out so you walk around the point to the Lost Boy Cave. It is cavernous. The waves echo from its moist walls. Starfish and muscles are everywhere. You explore the little sub caves. You once told your children there was a silver box back there. You look for it. You know that if you stay here too long the ocean will come in and wash you away but the mystery seems to hold you as long as possible

As you run back around the point agates sparkle in the rocks. Your total attention is consumed searching for the tiny points of light calling you to another kingdom. You hold them in your hand and marvel.

You climb to a solitary point above as the sea rolls in. Who could have made all this? Of course it is you Lord. A chill goes up your spine. Your dearest friend joins you as you feel one with all things beautiful. Hand in hand you come down and walk along the beach as the water washes your feet. You begin to feel a slight undertow. Suddenly you remember sitting in a small restaurant overlooking the ocean and the beauty of Cape Kiwanda's golden dunes. You stare at the sea and then at the one you love and she back at you. The sea seems to wash over you and you are transported. The pastel clouds call you heavenward. You sense the bright promise of the age to come.

The chilly wind begins to blow through the mountainous rocks like a gothic wind organ. You both stop and listen. You feel as if you are in a sanctuary of natural worship.

You make your way back to your cabin. Memories of all the sweet times go through your heart. You think of those who have come and departed. The promise of eternity calls in the sunset. Inside your cabin a jazz trumpet plays above the song you are hearing like a dancer in the moonlight.

As you sit by the fire the last night of your trip the Cathedral of the deep call you like perfume, elusive and distant. There is a secret in the sea calling to you. You will come back again and attempt to find it. .....


Featuring The Glass Armonica, invented by Benjamin Franklin.

1. Mist in Netarts Parting Charles E. Smith
2. Lace upon a Wave Charles E. Smith
3. Oceanside Theme Charles E. Smith
4. Sanctuary at Sundown Charles E. Smith
5. Sand Crab Dance Charles E. Smith
6. Summer Song Charles E. Smith
7. When Dreams were Sandcastles Charles E. Smith
8. Lost Boy Cave Charles E. Smith
9. Tiny Agates Charles E. Smith
10. Kiwanda Longing Charles E. Smith
11. Wind Organ Charles E. Smith
12. Sea of Glass Charles E. Smith
13. Cathedral of the Deep Charles E. Smith

All songs composed by Charles Ellsworth Smith (c) 2008,
all rights reserved.

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