Total time: 125 Minutes

Episode one
20 Min. 40 Sec.

Episode two
15 Min. 56 Sec.

Episode three
23 Min. 22 Sec.

Episode four
24 Min. 29 Sec.

Episode five
15 Min. 04 Sec.

Episode six
14 Min. 05 Sec.

Episode seven
15 Min. 45 Sec.


These episodes are presented in 32kbps stereo.

The Storyteller, his wife, and the five little ones gathered before the crackling fire as the wind rattled against the windows
in the little cabin. They listened to the sounds of the gulls and the ocean waves breaking and moving in with the tide.

The Underground Train was told in five nights at a beach cabin in Oceanside, Oregon. A small Cassette recorder was used, and
the whole family interacted with the story. Often, in between tellings, we would discuss the possibilities for the direction
the story would take. But when it was storytime, we listened to the silence, then, the sound of the ocean, and finally, the
Storyteller would begin his tale.

This story has been digitally remastered in our home studio. We have added background music from an old home music tape
we recorded one nite with some friends. We have also enjoyed adding sound effects. We sincerely hope you enjoy our story.

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