Little Child

Little Child cover art

In the height of the Jesus People movement, people were finding Christ en masse through coffeehouses and Christian communities up and down the west coast. One such community, the Prince of Peace Coffeehouse, became the most popular place to go in Portland, Oregon. We played there every Saturday night. At that time we were called Chuck, Mary and friends as we just welcomed people to join us in jamming and worship. During this time LITTLE CHILD, our first album was recorded.

Later, because we were considered to be the house band, people began to call us THE PRINCE OF PEACE BAND.

This recording was made in 1975 and was remastered in July of 1997. If you already have this on vinyl or cassette, you will notice a significant improvement in sound quality.

1. If You Catch the Wind (Charles and Mary Smith)
2. When the Lord Comes and Touches You (Charles E. Smith)
3. Psalm 42 (Ken Sabella)
4. A Kingdom of Priests (Charles and Mary Smith)
5. Little Child (Mary Smith)
6. Jesus Frees Us (Charles and Mary Smith)
7. Valley of Weeping (Charles E. Smith)
8. The Rain is Falling (Charles E. Smith)
9. Take Me Lord (Ken Sabella)


Ken Sabella: Piano, organ, guitar, flute, vocals
Dale Trullinger: bass, vocals
Sue Westerfield: vocals
Charles Smith: piano, psaltry, guitar, chimes,
saxophone, recorder, tamborine, vocal
Mary Smith: guitar, vocals
Dan Rice: percussion
Jim Cardarelli: dobro
Jude Spinnett: viola
David Mathew: recording engineer

Recorded Spring 1975 at NWI Studios
Remastered July 1997 by Charles E. Smith

All music is Copyright (c) 1975 Charles E. & Mary A. Smith, all rights reserved except songs #3&9.
Songs #3&9 (c) 1975 Ken Sabella, all rights reserved.

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