The emphasis of this CD is Awakening, Breaking of Bondage and preparation of our hearts by His Irresistible Love.

"It's your dear, sweet irresistable love.........calling to me.......setting me free."


All songs composed and arranged by Charles Ellsworth Smith.

1. Your Irresistible Love Play
2. Awake Awake Play
3. The Last Words of David Play
4. Into Your Holy Fire Play
5. Heaven in a Big Big Place Play
6. I Will Greatly Rejoice Play
7. A Seed Shall Arise Play
8. Any Day Now (Poignant) Play
9. More than the Watchman Play


All instrumentation by Charles E. Smith. Abe Smith on acoustic lead guitar on track four.
Vocals are by Charles, Mary, and Esther Smith.

All music is Copyright (c) 2002 Charles Ellsworth Smith, all rights reserved.

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